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Damned and Cursed Series by Glenn Bullion

Damned and Cursed Series by Glenn Bullion

Vampires, ghosts, demons, werewolves, even cursed humans. The Damned and Cursed series has it all.

Join the adventures of a unique cast of characters as they battle the supernatural evil in the world.

Demonspawn (Damned and Cursed, #1)

My name’s Alex. I used to think I was normal. I have a job, an apartment, good friends. I have a sister I adore, and the most beautiful woman in the world happens to be my best friend.

I see ghosts. So what, right? It’s on television all the time. All kinds of people see ghosts.

But seeing ghosts turns into seeing demons. Seeing demons turns into walking through walls. It only keeps getting better. It just so happens I’m half demon, the only one of my kind.

I met a woman and made a new friend, Victoria. She is a four-hundred-year-old vampire, and she needs my help.

It turns out vampires are popping up everywhere. Some kind of new breed, more animal than vampire. They feed on anything, and can’t be reasoned with.

Can a half demon do anything to stop them?

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A Witch to Live (Damned and Cursed, #2)

Kevin always had one ability that set him apart from everyone else. Healing. He healed his classmate Rachel when they were six years old, even though it almost exposed him.

He lost his parents after starting high school. Now a senior, he struggles to stay out of his sister’s way as she takes care of both of them. He sleeps on the couch in their one-bedroom apartment and walks to school. His sister is the only person he calls a friend. As if that weren’t enough, he discovers his power goes far beyond simple healing.

Kevin is a witch.

On top of everything, he has to deal with the surprises of the supernatural world. It turns out witch-hunters, vampires, and werewolves don’t like witches all that much. Kevin will need help from his new girlfriend Rachel, the sympathetic vampire Victoria, and every trick in his spell-book to survive.

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Jack Kursed (Damned and Cursed, #3)

The victim of a witch’s curse, Jack has been awake for two hundred years. Unable to die, unable to sleep, he’s trapped in a state of existence that no one can relate to, not even his vampire best friend Victoria.

Using his unique condition, he has helped Victoria in keeping the supernatural world at bay. Evil vampires, werewolves, and monsters have all died at their hand. But he’s about to face his biggest challenge, eight-year-old orphan Tiffany.

Tiffany shows Jack a side of life he’s never seen. A beautiful, hopeful world, where even someone full of rage and disdain for mortal life can find happiness.

However, when his new life and friends are in danger, Jack will unleash a fury two hundred years in the making.

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Demon’s Doorway (Damned and Cursed, #4)

Alex has a good life. Being a unique half demon, he’s used his powers to conquer feral vampires, the darkness inside him, and help ghosts in need. But there’s one more challenge that will be his strongest. Marrying Cindy, the love of his life.

Jack has been cursed by a witch’s magic for two hundred years. Unable to sleep, unable to die, his only hope for peace lies with young Kevin, a pure witch.

Kevin has his own problems. Controlling the forces of magic is only the beginning. He’s lost, unsure of himself, trying to find his place in the world. Now, a man named Jack is asking him to perform magic he didn’t even know existed.

A wedding, a witch that needs guidance, an invulnerable man with anger issues, and a new threat, with evil intentions. Four-hundred-year-old vampire Victoria may finally be in over her head.

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Witch’s Kurse (Damned and Cursed, #5)

Jack Kursed has changed. Still ageless and unable to die, he’s found something worth living for. A wonderful daughter, beautiful girlfriend, and some magic to help take the stress off his curse. Hatred for the mortals no longer clouds his thoughts. He’s traded in his dark ways to help his daughter with her homework, sit on the couch with his girlfriend. But good things never last forever, and tragedy finds Jack once again. He will have to do things he never dreamed of to protect those he cares about. Jack will have to ask for help.

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Broken Home (Damned and Cursed, #5.5)

Even a demon has a beginning.

The year is 1973. Janet Fields is living the stereotypical American Dream. She has a loving husband, two wonderful daughters, and a beautiful home away from the hustle of city life. Life couldn’t be any better.

That changed the day the stranger invaded her home, and tore apart not only everything Janet knew about her life, but also the world around her.

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Demons LLC (Damned and Cursed, #6)

What would you do if you could talk to ghosts?

Alex was born with demonic abilities unheard of, even in the supernatural world. He can talk to ghosts, walk through walls, he can even fly. His powers have allowed him to help others, living and dead.

Now Alex is at a crossroads in his life. Newly married, he no longer wishes to work at his dead-end job forever. Cindy, his wife, gives him the best idea for a unique person who regularly converses with demons and the dead.

Alex is going to start his own business.

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Four Centuries (Damned and Cursed, #7)

Four centuries and counting

It’s been a difficult few months in the long life of the vampire Victoria. The death of Bradley, one of the oldest and dearest closest to her, creates a power vacuum that threatens the life she’s built for herself.

Then there’s Zoey, the newborn vampire in Victoria’s care. Barely a young woman, if Zoey has any hope of surviving the world she’s been thrust in, she will need the wisdom and guidance of Victoria.

A plague is also running through Baltimore’s supernatural underworld, killing vampires indiscriminately.

Victoria has problems. But over four centuries, she’s made quite a few friends.

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